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Use NativeAccent® to double your English speaking skills

in 10 hours or less!

    • Speaking and listening skills in English are critical to success in school and in the workplace. NativeAccent assesses your spoken English skills and presents lessons that are selected to help you to rapidly improve your spoken English skills.

    • Flexible by design for direct instruction and supplementary and independent learning in classrooms, learning labs, and dorm rooms, on internet connected computers and on most mobile devices.

Unique Features

  • Assessment and Lessons to target students' most needed pronunciation, word stress, fluency and grammar skills
  • Patented pinpointing speech recognition technology provides immediate, understandable and actionable error analysis and instruction
  • Intelligent tutoring technology has been shown to accelerate learning by a factor of 3 by selecting the key skills needed and presenting lessons matching those needed skills.
  • Curriculum individualized based on automated assessment and L1

NativeAccent in the Classroom

    • Teacher Dashboard with detailed class roster, reporting and class management tools

    • Easy to use Assignment feature allows teacher to assign specific lesson to individuals or to the entire class.

    • Easy to use content manager allows teacher to match the curriculum to their classroom goals.


NativeAccent Student Features

  • Individual Lesson Plan
  • Gender matched voice models
  • Animation and video tutorials demonstrating speech skills
  • Student reports show active learning time and progress
  • Student interface available in more that 120 languages


NativeAccent Students

  • "Before I took this class it was hard for native speakers to understand my opinions but now they can understand my thoughts."
  • "It helps you to pronounce common words. It's useful for everyday life."
  • "It's clear, fast and easy to use."
  • "I can compare native pronunciation with my own."
  • "It's helpful to record and hear my own pronunciation."